Our Team

Lyndsay Holton - Crowe

I am the new owner of Downtown Mediaworks! As a woman in the film industry, I have been in the field of video production professionally for over +10 years in various roles ranging from teaching video production skills to working in the field of video production on shoots or in the studio. I encouraged and RE-BRANDED many artists, professionals, and clients to rethink their brand. I rekindled their passion for what is possible through the media arts. I believe strongly that as a woman, I can offer a perspective that is fresh and exciting. 

Jeff Sandberg

My name is Jeff and I am a Transfer Specialist. I have worked for our company for over 8 year, my job consists of taking raw outdated media and transferring it to new updated media. I work on almost any type of media including slides, reels of films, negatives and VHS tapes. Outside of work my passions include: spending time with my fiance and gaming which includes: video gaming and board games. 

Jon Hinman

I am a Media Specialist/ IT Guru Who has worked for our company for under one year. I have my own streaming site. 

Varun Shah

I am a transfer media technician as well as a media editor. I am an individual who is very interested in editing production and the arts in general. I enjoy reading, and try to finish 2 books a month. I am passionate about editing video and was self-taught and I am always trying to broaden my knowledge and experience through with new and unique techniques. I will always do my best to provide you with the utmost service, and to do better than what is asked of me.

Erin Aitken

I am a Media Specialist and social media COORDINATOR, who has been working in the Photography field for almost a decade. Photography has always been my main passion. but, I also really enjoy listening to music, traveling, and sailing! I am originally from New England, but have been residing in the suburbs of Chicago for 6 years.

Ken Mattes

I am a Drone Pilot and My first love was aviation. I began training for a Private Pilot License at age 14, including: risky real-world spin recovery experience which was not required in training. I majored in Aviation Flight and Aviation Management at Southern Illinois University, where I received additional training including emphasis on ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making) and CRM (Crew Resource Management) cumulating in a Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating.

I have completed several TSA Security Threat Assessments in these roles. I am excited to bring my unique skill set to a dawning industry with nearly unlimited possibilities. I use a DJI Mavic Pro drone equipped with a 12MP/4K gimballed camera; the same model drone used by "Chicago's very own".

Edward Crowe

I am the office administrator. I have previously worked for Apple Inc. and Virgin Records, with a combined of over 15-plus years of experience. My job is to make sure the everyday functions such as accounting, office organization, employee procedures are running smoothly. 

I am a huge music nerd who enjoys all types of music and attending live shows. I look forward to meeting and working, with all of our clients.

Andre Ellis

I am the staff photographer - second camera. My background is in system- administrator and as a consultant in the information technology field for 13 years. 

Over the last two years, I been studying photography in both a professional and amateur scenarios.

My Hobbies include: attending new museum exhibit, traveling, rum and wine tasting. also, I enjoy Sci-Fi, adventure, and historical films.

Lisa Bellos

I am the Production Assistant and office staff. Previously, I have worked in retail and property management, and I had a short stint as a bartender.

Over the last year, I have taken up an interest in Narration, and have been doing them both professionally and personally. 

My hobbies include reading (Fantasy and Fiction) Watching re-runs of my favorite Sci-Fi shows. Playing games with my friends online and tabletop games; as well as spending time with my husband and my small dog Lulu.