Our Team

Lyndsay Holton - Crowe

I am the new owner of Downtown Mediaworks! As a woman in the film industry, I have been in the field of video production professionally for over +10 years in various roles ranging from teaching video production skills to working in the field of video production on shoots or in the studio. I encouraged and RE-BRANDED many artists, professionals, and clients to rethink their brand. I rekindled their passion for what is possible through the media arts. I believe strongly that as a woman, I can offer a perspective that is fresh and exciting. 

Jeff Sandberg

I am a Transfer Archive Specialist. I have worked for our company for over 8 year, my job consists of taking raw outdated media and transferring it to new updated media. I work on almost any type of media including slides, reels of films, negatives and VHS tapes. Outside of work my passions include: spending time with my fiance and gaming which includes: video gaming and board games. 

Varun Shah

I am a transfer media technician and a media editor. I am an individual who is very interested in editing production and the arts in general. I enjoy reading, and try to finish 2 books a month. I am passionate about editing video and was self-taught and I am always trying to broaden my knowledge and experience through with new and unique techniques. I will always do my best to provide you with the utmost service, and to do better than what is asked of me.

Erin Aitken

I am a Transfer Media technician, Staff Photographer, and social media COORDINATOR, who has been working in the Photography field for almost a decade. Photography has always been my main passion. but, I also really enjoy listening to music, traveling, and sailing! I am originally from New England, but have been residing in the suburbs of Chicago for 6 years.

Ken Mattes

I am the Drone Pilot and My first love was aviation. I began training for a Private Pilot License at age 14, including: risky real-world spin recovery experience which was not required in training. I majored in Aviation Flight and Aviation Management at Southern Illinois University, where I received additional training including emphasis on ADM (Aeronautical Decision Making) and CRM (Crew Resource Management) cumulating in a Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating.

I have completed several TSA Security Threat Assessments in these roles. I am excited to bring my unique skill set to a dawning industry with nearly unlimited possibilities. I use a DJI Mavic Pro drone equipped with a 12MP/4K gimballed camera; the same model drone used by "Chicago's very own".

Edward Crowe

I am the office administrator. I have previously worked for Apple Inc. and Virgin Records, with a combined of over 15-plus years of experience. My job is to make sure the everyday functions such as accounting, office organization, employee procedures are running smoothly. 

I am a huge music nerd who enjoys all types of music and attending live shows. I look forward to meeting and working, with all of our clients.

Andre Ellis

I am the staff photographer - second camera. My background is in system- administrator and as a consultant in the information technology field for 13 years. 

Over the last two years, I been studying photography in both a professional and amateur scenarios.

My Hobbies include: attending new museum exhibit, traveling, rum and wine tasting. also, I enjoy Sci-Fi, adventure, and historical films.

Lisa Bellos

I am the Production Assistant and office assistant. Previously, I have worked in retail and property management, and I had a short stint as a bartender.

Over the last year, I have taken up an interest in Narration, and have been doing them both professionally and personally. 

My hobbies include reading (Fantasy and Fiction) Watching re-runs of my favorite Sci-Fi shows. Playing games with my friends online and tabletop games; as well as spending time with my husband and my small dog Lulu.

Tommy Schuch

I’m a freelance photographer. I’ve previously held jobs in the U.S. Army, Wilderness Property Management/Wilderness Guiding, Tower Climbing, EMT and Carpentry. I love traveling and being outdoors. 

I’m an aviator at heart. I’ve done everything from flying airplanes to skydiving. My main hobbies currently are paragliding, Speedflying, and Rock Climbing and I’ve always got my camera with me. This year I was honored with being published in the National Geographic Your Shot magazine.

Julian Nallabelli

I am the intern who will be writing and creating visual ads for Downtown Mediaworks. I am a freelance filmmaker who does not have any formal training in video production. I am self-taught and new to the industry. My background is in science where I researched and worked with muscle stem cells.

Filmmaking has been one of my passions ever since I was a kid. My brothers and I would use my parents Sony camcorder to make goofy films. Currently, I am creating original visual content that revolve around my expression as a human being. Finally, I am working on writing an original film series about the growth of a young detective exploring the life around him and within himself.

Patrick Columbia

I am a Freelance Videographer. My main passions are videography and photography.  For the past couple years, I’ve been working on my skills as a cinematographer by creating my own short films, and watching others.  

My hobbies include playing games, watching movies, and taking pictures of nature.  

Matthew Marks

I am a Frelance photographer, who grew up in the Schaumburg area. I fell in love with photography and film, at a young age, and I really started focusing on my Camera skills early in high school.  I am currently attending Harper College. I am working to get my bachelor degree in Art. I specialize in street photogrpahy, landscape, and portraits.                                                                                             

Wendy Schuch

I am the office assisant at the Crystal LAke office. I create many things and have a passion for adventures,yoga,and cooking .